Wetsuit & Drysuit Repair

Wetsuit Repair:

Minor repairs can be completed in just a few days. These include rips and tears in neoprene of all kinds. Bring in your suit and we can give you an estimate to fix it or answer your questions about repairing it yourself.

Dry Suit Repair:

NAS will be happy to test your drysuit for leaks and make minor repairs. We will also make sure your modular wrist cuff/neck seal system is installed properly. If major repairs are required, we will send your suit to a manufacturer approved repair facility. Major repairs include replacement of permanent seals, permanant wrist cuffs, permanent neck seals, or boots and major seam repair. You will be given an estimate.

Planning a dive and need your gear? NAS will provide rental equipment if yours is in for service at no cost.

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