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  This service is performed   on each stage and consists of a complete breakdown, cleaning, parts   replacement and reassembly. Only manufacturer designated parts replacement   kits are used for stage rebuild. Acid bath and ultrasonic methods as well as   intensive manual cleaning clean all internal and external parts. Special   attention is paid to corroded areas. The hoses and all soft rubber or   silicone parts are inspected for rips or signs of deterioration and replaced   if necessary. Replacement parts are additional unless covered by   manufacturer’s warranty.
  The BCD is thoroughly   inspected for structural failures and leaks. The exhaust valves are cleaned   of debris and tested to ensure proper overpressure relief. Minor leaks and tears   are repaired and retested. Necessary replacement of buckles, valves or the   corrugated hose is additional.
  Aluminum cylinders are   required to undergo an EDDY Current neck inspection to unsure there are no   hairline fractures in the threaded portion of the tank neck. In addition, the   cylinder is visually inspected inside and out to verify that no harmful   corrosion exists. The tank is then marked with an updated sticker containing   the customers name, date, serial number and inspection facility. The valve is   checked for smooth operation, the threads cleaned, and a new neck o-ring   installed. Price includes the valve o-ring, sticker, and fill.
  A complete visual   inspection inside and out, which includes any necessary brushing to determine   the extent of corrosion. Existing VIP stickers will be removed unless   otherwise requested. This ensures no corrosion has begun underneath the old   stickers. The valve is checked for smooth operation, the threads cleaned, and   a new neck o-ring installed. Price includes the valve o-ring, sticker, and   fill.
  A hydrostatic test is   required by the DOT every five years on Scuba cylinders used in the United   States. Testing is done once a week, usually on Thursdays, and a days worth   of prep time is necessary. Once the tank has passed it is stamped with the   month and year as required by law. If a cylinder fails it MUST BE CONDEMMED.
  The tank valve is   completely disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and the burst disk is replaced.   Price does not include the valve service kit.
  To convert a scuba tank   from air usage to Nitrox usage the vessel must be specially cleaned to remove   all hydroflourocarbons. The valve is broken down and cleaned as well. Oxygen   compatible o-rings and lubricants are used. This renders a tank safe to fill   with 100% oxygen. This package price includes the cleaning, the first fill   (up to 40%), the stickers, and the valve conversion kit. Note: If a customer   is not Nitrox certified the tank will be filled with Hyper-filtrated air.
  This service converts   regulator stages from air usage to Nitrox usage. The conversion kit is not   included. Not all brands of Regulators are Nitrox compatible. Using a Nitrox   cleaned regulator with standard Grade E air will necessitate re cleaning.
  WETSUIT/DRY SUIT   REPAIR Estimate Required  
  Most repairs are done   in-house; if factory work is needed a time estimate will be given. Due to the   varying nature of damage an estimate on time and expense will be furnished.
  Computers and standard   gauges can be tested to determine if problems exist and what steps are   necessary to fix them. Battery replacement is done upon request and the   device is then pressure tested to ensure watertight integrity. The battery   kit contains the batteries and a new o-ring and is not included in the price.
  Watches of almost any   brand can be tested and repaired. If the battery needs replacing a pressure   test will be done to ensure watertight integrity. A repair may require   sending the watch to the manufacture. Bands and crystals can be replaced and   bands can be resized upon request. Cost does not include the battery.
  Wetsuits periodically   need washing to remove odors and stains. A conventional washing machine will   usually reject or shred a thicker wetsuit. We have two commercial grade   front-load washers to handle the most unsavory of wetsuits.

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