Diving equipment is life support equipment.
As with any mechanical device, Scuba equipment requires periodic maintenance and calibration to ensure it’s safe and reliable use. NAS’s leading edge repair and maintenance facility is manned by factory certified technicians who will properly service your equipment.

repair departmentBC & Regulator Maintenance
Regular BC and regulator maintenance is essential to their safe performance, reliability and longevity. Maintenance must be performed at least annually, and more often with high use. See the Service Menu



Cylinder Maintenance ScheduleIMG_0668
Cylinder maintenance is regulated by The US Department of Transportation. The DOT requires that maintenance be performed on the following schedule to abide by all state and federal laws.
Cylinders that do not have current inspections can not be refilled.

  • Cylinder Visual Inspection (VIP/TIP): Every ONE (1) year.
  • Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing (Hydro): Every FIVE (5) years or when subject to a high impact accident or high heat.

NAS can inspect and test your cylinders to make sure they continue to meet DOT requirements. NAS is the only Scuba Facility certified by the DOT to hydrostatically test your cylinders. See the Service Menu

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